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I'm very happy to announce that 15mm Skirmish Supplies are starting to stock Scotia Grendel scenic items and some Xyston products.

I've been a fan of Scotia Grendel scenics for many years, using them for Roleplaying and Wargaming, so I am excited to be able to provide some of their 15mm compatible stock here. I've just a small introductory stock at the moment, but will be getting more in the near future - both Fantasy and Sci-fi. Their scenics are described for 25\28mm but many work very well (if not better) in 15mm. Look out for articles showing how they scale.

Additionally Scotia Grendel make the much loved Xyston range of ancients. I have started to dip into their catalogue to construct warband packs for your good selves, from Skyclad Barbarians to City Guards from warm arid climates. As I get more familiar with the extensive range more warband packs will appear.

Cheers for now.


Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 01 January 2018 17:56

Ah, Kirriemuir. Gateway to the Angus Glens. Birthplace to Youthful Pirate Skirmish Scenario creator J.M. Barrie and late AC\DC frontman Bon Scott. Early schooling zone for yours truly. Also venue for the Kirriemuir Wargames Club's annual wargames show Targe, which I shall be attending, on 11th November.

Again I have created a shipping option in the store to pick up items at the show. And if you are quick, I will take orders of anything from the Forged In Battle and West Winds lines (see their sites for listings) until the end of Wednesday (UK time) to bring up to the show for payment and collection, as discussed with a few of you who were at SKELP a few weeks ago.

Apologies if my usual ropey paintshop skills have offended anyone's eyes and I hope to see you there. 

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 31 October 2017 13:57

15mm Skirmish Supplies was be at SKELP 2017 in Forfar, Scotland trading this Saturday. I've been many times as a normal punter so am really looking forward to the day.

I have created a special shipping category "Pick up @ SKELP 2017" for folk who want to pre-buy items for collection on the day.


If you are there, please come along and say "Hi".

SKELP 2017

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 10 October 2017 13:26

Critical Mass Mercs

I'm very happy to announce that 15mm Skirmish Supplies is now stocking Critical Mass figures. The majority are from the mercenaries range, but also includes Arc Fleet, ZAS and Akarr (formerly from Hydra Miniatures). As Ral Partha Europe get more moulds processed the stocked range will increase. As it is there are 28 different species on show from regular stock and quite a few more from incidental stock.

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 03 October 2017 14:14

And there I was, working away in the 15mm Skirmish Supplies Warehouse and suddenly there was a flash of light. A swirling portal opened and out of it stepped some wondrous figures, varying in size and appearance.

"We have come from the future", they declared, "to find ourselves new homes."

Aside from my usual suppliers of excellent stock I scour round various corners of the universe to bring in other figures for the sake of variety. The web store has now a few of these items, but be warned, stock levels are limited and when they're gone, they're gone!

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 21 September 2017 13:40

We now have a lot more Battle Valor figures up on site. More Viking-like Human Northmen, Rangers, Orcs, Goblins, Skeletons and even some Lionmen!New Battle Valor Stock

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 05 August 2017 10:01

Battle Valor

I am extremely happy to tell you that 15mm Skirmish Supplies will be stocking some of the Battle Valor fantasy line.

Now live in store are the Dwarvians (Dwarfs) and Stygans (Humans). More will be added in thecoming weeks.


Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 10 July 2017 09:59

I've added a to the shop few more figures for your Victorian, Horror or Pulp adventures.  

Adventurers over in Egypt, with archeologists, villagers, Tuaregs and mummies. Of course, maybe these characters are all over at the London Museum instead?


Click on the "Horror" section in left left hand menu.

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 25 June 2017 17:13
I've added a to the shop few more figures for your Gothic Horror adventures, taking the excitement to London. Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll\Mr. Hyde, London Bobbies, Detectives and Innocent Bystanders. All in affordable small packs.
Click on the "Horror" section in left left hand menu.
Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 19 June 2017 13:20

There is now a Facebook page for 15mm Skirmish Supplies.

All the usual Facebook type announcements, etc will be going on there. Please "Like" and/or "Follow" to keep up to date with goings on here.

Just click on the preview below or go to .

15mm Skirmish Supplies Facebook Page

Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 16 June 2017 15:02

Thank you for visiting my humble store. Hopefully you will find something here to excite you.

We aim to provide a choice of figures for your skirmish warband, all with different poses and without loads of spares from having to buy larger packs than you require.

Stock at the start is varied but limited (if that makes sense!). But we are searching for more lines to add, bringing you more figure options in more gaming genres.


Posted by 15mm Skirmish Supplies on 06 June 2017 09:00
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