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A little bit about us

Some background to clarify "15mm Skirmish Gaming". 

I am a wargamer myself, but I never play large scale battles. All my games revolve around small groups of individuals, typically around 10 figures, and using generic non-figure specific rulesets. When playing in 28mm this is quite easy, as there are a variety of manufacturers to pick and choose from. When I started to become interested in scaling down the figure size to 15mm I found that most companies are set up to provide large packs of 15mm figures for large battles, leaving me with quite a few extra's over my required 10+. Also, quite often, the poses would be repeated. Not a problem when the soldiers are massed, but slightly less satisfying when aiming for small groups of individual characters. Different manufacturers ranges will work together, but then I am stuck with even more spare figures as I buy additional packs, as well as having spent more cash than I was looking to for a 10 man squad. This venture is born out of these experiences. 


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